Dust of the Ground

Today, in Genesis, we read about God creating man in chapter 2.  I thought it might be nice to give them something to do with their hands while they were listening, so I threw together this little printable.

I gave them each a sheet and sprinkled a little flour on it (had I been more prepared, it might have been real dirt or sand or something, but hey – it is what it is).  I asked them to try to push the flour inside the outline of the man while I read.


By the time I finished reading, they were already trying to blow the flour off of their hands which was a perfect lead in to talking about how silly it is to think that we could make a man out of dust and even more silly that he would come to life if we breathed on it!

It was a quick and simple activity.  If you have kiddos who think better with busy hands, just click the image below to open the full size and then save it to your computer!

dust of the ground


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