Good Clean Fun

Presenting Cinnamon Oat and Shot of Espresso Soaps to brighten anyone’s morning!

Today we made these super simple soaps together. Thanks to melt&pour glycerin soap base (available at any craft store like Hobby Lobby) we were able to focus on the most fun and child friendly parts of soapmaking – melting, mixing, and molding!

It was literally as simple as melting the soap base per the instructions on the package, adding our selected “mix-ins” until we got the look and smell that we wanted, pouring them into paper cups, and waiting for them to harden again. In a couple of hours, the soaps were ready. I just snipped the lip of the cup with scissors and then tore it away from our custom made soaps.

A few tips:
-the glycerin soap base has a slightly stronger smell when it’s melted, so don’t feel like you have to totally mask it with your mix-ins. It fades when the soap hardens.
-we used instant espresso and I was disappointed to find that the scent was incredibly mild, adding a dash of cinnamon gave it a more pleasant earthy smell.
-if you’re trying to motivate a kid who’s resistant to hand-washing, it’s super easy to make soap with treasures buried inside using this method! Let them make their own bar of soap with something fun in he middle and see how many days of hand-washing it takes to get it out.


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